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From ajaqu...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r666991 - /incubator/jspwiki/trunk/lib/README
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 06:40:57 GMT
Author: ajaquith
Date: Wed Jun 11 23:40:56 2008
New Revision: 666991

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=666991&view=rev
Web unit tests refactored (yet again) to use an embedded Jetty server. This replaces the need
to use a separate Tomcat server, and *should* always work without any configuration of any
kind. Please tests this via the Ant 'webtests' target! Note that this checkin introduces the
TestContainer class, which with a little modification (later, please!) could easily be used
as a stand-alone server. Refactorings are welcome; in the meantime, TestContainer should be
considered volatile. Note also that the Rename Profile web unit tests for the container scenarios
currently fails; all others run successfully.


Modified: incubator/jspwiki/trunk/lib/README
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/incubator/jspwiki/trunk/lib/README?rev=666991&r1=666990&r2=666991&view=diff
--- incubator/jspwiki/trunk/lib/README (original)
+++ incubator/jspwiki/trunk/lib/README Wed Jun 11 23:40:56 2008
@@ -111,28 +111,61 @@
 The following jar files are required to build and/or test JSPWiki (in addition to the previously
listed ones), but are not necessary for deployment. These are stored in tests/lib.
+      JSP 2.0 expression language Apache implementation; used by Jetty, version 1.0.
+      http://commons.apache.org/el/
       Rhino JavaScript library; used to compress JSPWiki's JavaScript files.
       Hypersonic embedded DB, version 1.8.0. 
-			http://www.hsqldb.org/
+      http://www.hsqldb.org/
+      Apache Tomcat 5.5 JSP compiler; used by Jetty.
+      http://tomcat.apache.org
+      Apache Tomcat 5.5 JSP runtime support classes; used by Jetty.
+      http://tomcat.apache.org
       Java Unit testing framework, version 3.8.1.
-			http://www.junit.org/index.htm
+      http://www.junit.org/index.htm
-      Sun servlet library implementation, version 2.3.1.
-			http://java.sun.com/products/servlet/
+      Jetty implementation of JMX classes, version 5.1.14.
+      Renamed from: org.mortbay.jmx.jar
+      http://dist.codehaus.org/jetty/jetty-5.1.x/
+      Jetty additional classes that support JNDI and Datasources;
+      used for web unit testing. Built by changing to jetty-src/extra/plus
+      and executing 'ant jars'. Renamed from: org.mortbay.jetty.plus.jar
+      Jetty implementation of J2EE servlet classes, version 5.1.14.
+      Renamed from: javax.servlet.jar
+      http://dist.codehaus.org/jetty/jetty-5.1.x/
+      Selenium Remote Control web unit testing client
+      for driving Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
+      http://selenium-rc.openqa.org/
+      Selenium Remote Control server for web unit testing. Includes
+      bundled Jetty 5.1.14 server inside JAR. We applied patches to the
+      Selenium JavaScript files to make them compatible with Mootools
+      (see  tests/etc/selenium/selenium-core-0.8.3-patches).
+      http://selenium-rc.openqa.org/
       Apache Xerces2 XML parser, version 2.6.2.
-			http://xerces.apache.org/xerces2-j/index.html
+      http://xerces.apache.org/xerces2-j/index.html
       Collection of XML API implementations.
-			(Source unknown.)
+      (Source unknown.)

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