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From ajaqu...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r659416 - /incubator/jspwiki/trunk/etc/db/hsql/userdb-setup.ddl
Date Fri, 23 May 2008 04:22:33 GMT
Author: ajaquith
Date: Thu May 22 21:22:32 2008
New Revision: 659416

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=659416&view=rev
Checked in three new features for UserProfile and the UserDatabase classes. First, profiles
can now store arbitrary Serializable objects via a new method in UserProfile, getAttributes,
that returns a Map<Serializable,Serializable> that can be directly manipulated. Arbitrary
attributes such as user preferences can be added to the profile and be guaranteed to be persisted
on save. Second, the UserProfile now has two methods setLockExpiry(Date)/getLockExpiry that
allow callers to disable user profiles. These are NOT enforced in AuthenticationManager yet.
Third, user profile now have a 'uid' field that stores a long value for uniquely identifying
users. Existing profiles without UIDs are automatically upgraded when they are loaded by a
findBy___() method. The default XML/JDBC UserDatabase implementations have been enhanced to
support all of these new features. If you have custom UserDatabase implementations, you should
take a look at the new code.


Modified: incubator/jspwiki/trunk/etc/db/hsql/userdb-setup.ddl
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/incubator/jspwiki/trunk/etc/db/hsql/userdb-setup.ddl?rev=659416&r1=659415&r2=659416&view=diff
--- incubator/jspwiki/trunk/etc/db/hsql/userdb-setup.ddl (original)
+++ incubator/jspwiki/trunk/etc/db/hsql/userdb-setup.ddl Thu May 22 21:22:32 2008
@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
 drop user @jdbc.user.id@;
 create table @jspwiki.userdatabase.table@ (
+  @jspwiki.userdatabase.uid@ bigint,
   @jspwiki.userdatabase.email@ varchar(100),
   @jspwiki.userdatabase.fullName@ varchar(100),
   @jspwiki.userdatabase.loginName@ varchar(100) not null,
@@ -12,7 +13,9 @@
   @jspwiki.userdatabase.wikiName@ varchar(100),
   @jspwiki.userdatabase.created@ timestamp,
   @jspwiki.userdatabase.modified@ timestamp,
-  constraint @jspwiki.userdatabase.table@ primary key (@jspwiki.userdatabase.loginName@)
+  @jspwiki.userdatabase.lockExpiry@ timestamp,
+  @jspwiki.userdatabase.attributes@ longvarchar,
+  constraint @jspwiki.userdatabase.table@ primary key (@jspwiki.userdatabase.uid@)
 create table @jspwiki.userdatabase.roleTable@ (
@@ -44,26 +47,32 @@
 grant select, insert, update, delete on @jspwiki.groupdatabase.membertable@ to @jdbc.user.id@;
 insert into @jspwiki.userdatabase.table@ (
+  @jspwiki.userdatabase.uid@,
-  @jspwiki.userdatabase.wikiName@
+  @jspwiki.userdatabase.wikiName@,
+  @jspwiki.userdatabase.attributes@
 ) values (
+  '-7739839977499061014',
   'Janne Jalkanen',
-  'JanneJalkanen'
+  'JanneJalkanen',
+  'attribute1=some random value\nattribute2=another value'
 insert into @jspwiki.userdatabase.table@ (
+  @jspwiki.userdatabase.uid@,
 ) values (
+  '-6852820166199419346',

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