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From "Nayak, Soumya R." <>
Subject CSV Data Reading for Multiple Users
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2018 05:43:04 GMT
Hi Dong,
Are you saying the JSON http request and CSV data config will be under the same threadgroup
? If so , in that case when we loop 100 times , at one time it will pick up 1 record right
from CSV. 
Or you are saying JSON http request will be in a different thread groups where in TG the CSV
looping happens 100 times and its assigned to the 100 variables and these variables are passed
to the JSON request in other TG.
Please can you help me explain.


-----Original Message-----
From: 贾国动 <> 
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2018 10:42 AM
To: JMeter Users List <>
Subject: Re: CSV Data Reading for Multiple Users

forgot one thing:
on your Thread Group element, set as below:
the Number of Threads as yours 5
then set Loop Count: 100

在 2018/12/19 13:08,“贾国动”<> 写入:

    On your CSV Data Set Config element, set as below:
    Resycle on EOF: False
    Stop thread on EOF: True
    hope helpful
    在 2018/12/19 11:09,“Nayak, Soumya R.”<> 写入:
        HI Team,
        I have a requirement where in let's say I have 500 rows of data in a CSV file.
        I have a test scenario for multiple concurrent users , say 5 virtual users and a http
JSON request where 100 variables are there which has to be parameterized from the CSV file.
        When I run the test with 5 virtual users ---- each user should pick up at a time 100
unique records from the CSV and parameterize the values of the http request and post it.
        For 500 records in CSV ---
        Http JSON Request -1 - Virtual User - 1 --> 1-100 row from CSV
        Http JSON Request -2 - Virtual User - 2 --> 101-200 row from CSV
        Http JSON Request -3 - Virtual User - 3 --> 201-300 row from CSV
        Http JSON Request -4 - Virtual User - 4 --> 301-400 row from CSV
        Http JSON Request -5 - Virtual User - 5 --> 401-500 row from CSV
        So is the above scenario possible where each user picks up unique 100 rows of data
from the CSV at once and parameterizes the Http request in JMeter in a multiple concurrent
users scenario?
        Or is there any other way to achieve the above scenario apart from CSV or any component
in JMeter.
        Thanks in advance.
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