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From Maxwell Falcon <>
Subject Re: JUnit Setup Issues
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2018 20:02:15 GMT
Here is my class and I'll attach the log file:

package community;

import ...

public class LoginTests extends BaseCommunityTest {

    private User user;

    public void loginTestInit() {


    @TestCase(owner = Owner.Kevin, testId = 834089)
    public void loginLogout() {

On 9/6/18, 3:32 PM, "Philippe Mouawad" <> wrote:

    You're in the right place.
    Would it be possible to show your class maybe removing the code of methods
    and also show jmeter.log ?
    Thank you
    On Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 8:13 PM Maxwell Falcon <> wrote:
    > Hello, this is my first time using the mailing list, so I hope that I am
    > posting in the right channel/list.
    > Essentially I am trying to run some of my Junit tests in JMeter.  Right
    > now I have exported my project as a .jar and put the .jar in the lib/junit
    > directory.  In JMeter I add the Junit sampler and results tree listener.
    >  In the JUnit sampler I select my classname and test and then hit run.  I
    > get response code 100 but the test shows up red and never runs.  Looking at
    > the log it looks the error is
    > “Trying to find constructor with one String parameter returned error:
    > community.LoginTests.<init>(java.lang.String)”
    > I do not have a constructor in the test class. Any help would be greatly
    > appreciated.  If I am posting this in the wrong place then please let me
    > know.
    > -Maxwell
    Philippe Mouawad.
    UBIK LOAD PACK Web Site <>
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