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From Alexander Podelko <>
Subject Re: Best way to compare two results of jmeter
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2018 14:02:03 GMT
My understanding is no for both questions (from a simple user point of view).

The step involving plug in (where you specify what to do) is named "Publish performance test
result reports" and the input is a jtl file. So it appears that you just need to get the result
file there - and it keeps historic data and do comparison with previous run (so it still should
be a Jenkins job). I haven't found anything about internals yet (well, except

Here is explanation on the Jenkins plugin config page:

This plugin understands the JMeter analysis report XMLformat, JMeter Summariser report text
format,  SOAPUI report in JUnit format, Iago format as recorded while parrot server is running,
and LoadRunner analysis format. 
This plug-in does not perform the actual analysis; it onlydisplays useful information about
analysis results, such as averageresponding time, historical result trend, web UI for viewing
analysisreports, and so on.
To use this feature, first set up your build to run tests, then select the adequate parser
for your tests (JMeter, JUnit, or Iago) and finallyyou have to specify the path to the different
performance files. By default the plugin will use the **/*.jtl pattern forJMeter, **/TEST*.xml
for JUnit tests ,**/*.log pattern for JMeter Summariser, parrot-server-stats.log for Iago,
and **/*.mdb for LoadRunner.

There some post with instructions how to setup it like
As per other plugins, nothing special was needed in my case - but there were some plugins
already installed there. My struggle there, for example, was to start JMeter tests remotely
and getting results back to Jenkins (most examples assume that this is on the same machine)
- which I did using "Send build artifacts over SSH" (which, as far as I understand, uses another
plugin) and modifying folder access rights... I guess there are other options to do that.


   On Friday, August 31, 2018, 9:30:18 AM EDT, Marek Czernek <> wrote:
 I saw the Grafana integration, but in my mind, any solution that 
involves external DB seems unsuitable for my simple needs. I am testing 
the Jenkins plugin, though I have been running into problems with 
comparing two runs. I wonder:

 1. Do you need to fire the JMX testplan using the plugin to be able to
    compare results across builds with the performance plugin?
 2. Do you need any Jenkins plugin other than the performance plugin for
    cross-build comparison?

In the worst case, I'll implement a solution similar to what Bo 
suggested, i.e. simply execute calculation on top of the CSVs. The 
database solutions seem great if you need to really work with the data; 
for my purposes, I mainly want to see whether there's a performance 
difference from the previous build and I don't care that much about the 
visual output.


Marek Czernek

JWS/JBCS Associate Quality Engineer, RHCA

Find me at

On 08/31/2018 03:18 PM, Alexander Podelko wrote:
> Just saw another solution in that area
>    On Thursday, August 30, 2018, 10:50:56 AM EDT, Alexander Podelko <>
>  Hi Marek,
> I do use the Jenkins Performance Plugin for that purpose for some time, I'd say that
you get quite a lot for free straight out of the box. Pretty decent. Another thing is that
I haven't found practically any documentation (although it is pretty straightforward for a
simple use - and there is a few posts how to setup it) and it is still not clear for me what
to do if I'd need something else from it....
> Regards,Alex
>    On Thursday, August 30, 2018, 10:11:22 AM EDT, Marek Czernek <>
>  Hi there,
> is there any 'supported' way to compare the results of 2 jmeter runs? I
> googled around and found an old email from 2004 [1] basically saying
> that there is no recommended solution other than a custom-made analysis.
> Have there been any solutions to this problem?
> I can also see a Jenkins plugin [2] though I have no idea in what state
> the plugin is, and as such, how viable it is to run it. Last but not
> least, there's some Grafana integration blog [3].  Does anyone have any
> other suggestions? How would you compare two results programmatically to
> see if there is degraded performance?
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> Cheers,
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