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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: Sharing API test data between functional API tests and jmeter API performance tests?
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2018 09:37:05 GMT

Am 02.08.2018 um 22:46 schrieb David Luu:
> This isn't specifically a jmeter question but relates to it. Granted in
> this scenario, jmeter could also be used as for the functional API tests,
> but in general it's not often used that way.
> Some product suites for commercial tools might provide some integration for
> this, but say you use open source tools or in house tooling (different
> tools for functional and performance tests), has anyone needed to deal with
> or wanted to share the common API test data (e.g. input test data, some
> outputs to validate, the API calls or routes to hit/test) between the tools?
> If so just wanted to see what approaches you've taken as one would want to
> define a common pattern of input data format and output validation format
> so that the tools can read the schema and know what to do, without having
> to customize the data format for different tools. e.g. instead define
> common data schema/format, and have wrappers in the tooling to handle the
> schema so that you can port to different tools using same data unmodified.
Interesting question, but sadly I have no easy answer to this.

Sharing input data could be done in many ways, e.g. storing them in a 
database or the file system and accessing them via JDBC Sampler or CSV 
input sources. But the real question here would be, is there any 
standard for structuring the data, so that different tools would be 
willing to use those data? I am not really aware of any such data format 
that goes further than CSV, JSON, or any such broadly defined structure.

Sharing the functionality means that you will either have to use the 
lowest common functionality, or be careful in using the full abstracted 
set of methods. But again I am unaware of existence of such a tool that 
crosses the gap. I believe taurus is trying to deliver something in that 
direction (but I haven't tried it and haven't looked too closely)

The output is probably again not really suited to share between 
functional and performance tests. Functional tests will probably produce 
less output, that are clear to interpret (yes - no) and performance 
tests tend to produce lots of data that have to be interpreted (together 
with data from the infrastructure you tested). The best sharing 
infrastructure for your output is probably the usage of the backend 
listeners to put the samplers data into a shared time series. See


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