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From Andrey Shevtsov <>
Subject JMeter 4.0 client won't start if Secure RMI is configured
Date Sat, 09 Jun 2018 00:00:26 GMT

I asked this question on StackOverflow but got no answers or even tips so sending this to
the mailing list.

I am trying to set up remote testing infrastructure with secure RMI using JMeter 4.0 (one
client and one server) but the client won't start because of 'Address already in use (Bind
failed)' error.
netstat shows that no process is listening on this port and from the log it seems that JMeter
itself tries to listen on the port more than once (at least that's how I interpreted the log
Everything works fine if I disable Secure RMI (server.rmi.ssl.disable=true)
Both the client and server use 4.0 r1823414 version.

You can find details and the log here (SO post) -

Let me know if you want me to provide any details/settings.

Thank you!
Andrey Shevtsov

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