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From Antony Bowesman <>
Subject Cleaning up memory used by an HTTPSampleResult
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2018 04:03:31 GMT
I've been investigating a memory leak and it seems that under certain circumstances when I
get a redirect, I end up downloading a bunch of embedded resources I don't need. In this case,
these HTTPSampleResult objects end up being part of my JavaSampler instance, which is added
to the TEAR_DOWN_SET in the JavaSampler jmeter class.

In this particular test, the Java Sampler only executes once and so the HTTPSampleResult objects
only get cleaned up at the end of the test, when my teardownTest() method is called. However,
it also applies to samplers that are called in a OnceOnlyController, which in my case happens
to be Login.

I have a couple of solutions, i.e. I know I can prevent the follow redirects to stop the symptoms
of this behaviour and I can also put in a hack that will clean up the resources by other samplers
in the same thread, but the bigger picture of how to prevent the basic memory leak issue that
appears to exist for these hanging HTTPSampleResult objects. The main culprit is the responseData
byte[], which basically holds the entire response payload.

There seems to be no message I can listen for (LoopIterationListener/TestIterationListener)
to indicate a thread has made its last iteration.

Is there any way to clean up a thread's resources when it is done with. I can't do the cleanup
during the iteration as there may be listeners that want the results.


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