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From "" <>
Subject Re: ServletConfig has not been initialized
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2018 04:52:37 GMT
1. Regarding "I have no way to prove this" - actually you do, you can
configure JMeter to save request and response details by adding the next
lines to / file:


and restart JMeter to pick the changes up. Once your test will be finished
you will be able to open the .jtl results file with  View Results Tree
listener and inspect request and response details. It will show whether your
regular expression extractor works or not as well. 

 2. If request in real browser is successful and request by JMeter is not
there should be something different. Compare requests which originate from
JMeter and the real browser using a sniffer tool like  Wireshark
<>   or  Fiddler <> 
, you should be able to detect differences by inspecting HTTP packets. It
might be the case you need to correlate not only the form id, but few more
parameters. As a workaround you can try an alternative way of recording a
JMeter test which can export recorded requests in SmartJMX mode
automatically detecting and dynamic parameters and creating regular
expression extractors to handle them See  How to Cut Your JMeter Scripting
Time by 80%
article for more details. 

 3. Last by not least: make sure to add  HTTP Cookie Manager

to your test plan, it automatically handles cookies which might be a
showstopper for web applications which rely on them. 

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