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From Konstantin Kalinin <>
Subject Does JDBC Connection Config component respect its scope?
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2017 10:58:24 GMT

I'm using JMeter 3.3.
I try to setup a JDBC Connection Config (JDBC CC) this way:

Test plan
|__setUp Thread Group
  |__Sampler1 (sets variables)
  |__JDBC Request1
     |__JDBC CC (using vars from Sampler1)

Seems that JDBC CC initializes when Test plan is loaded, no matter where it is in the plan,
as it can not use variables that I've set in Sampler1. Adding some tree levels with different
Controllers changes nothing.
It behaves like a User Defined Variables config element do, but there's no note about it in
a Documentation. I expect, that JDBC CC would respect it's scope.

Is it a bug?

Konstantin Kalinin
+7 912 468 00 00

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