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From Stuart Kenworthy <>
Subject RE: Multiple Post-Processor execution order
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2017 08:29:51 GMT
The problem you have is the 2 defined outside the sampler are read before the sampler is run
so they will run first. The only true way to control it is to have them within the sampler.

If you are just logging specific fields to file, grab the values using regex and then use
a pre-processor instead so the logging is done before running the next sampler, if I understand
your intentions correctly.

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From: Andrew Burton []
Sent: 06 September 2017 03:36
To: JMeter Users List <>
Subject: Multiple Post-Processor execution order


Is there any way to control the execution order of post processors that apply globally vs.
those that are sampler-specific?

My use case is that I want to record sampler-specific MDC elements within a sampler’s post
processor, and have a generic post processor that does the logging. E.g. Get the exact error
message in the sampler’s post processor (and the response payload may differ from sampler
to sampler, hence the need to have a sampler-specific post processor), and have a generic
thread group post processor which logs a message if the request fails.

For example, the tree would be:

Thread Group

+-JSR223 Post Processor A


  +- JSR223 Post Processor B

+- JSR223 Post Processor C

The sequence order appears to be:


Post Processor A

Post Processor C

Post Processor B

If I add specific items to the MDC in Post Processor B, then with the above execution order,
they won’t be available in A or C.

Would be keen to hear from others who’ve used MDC for additional logging similar to this.



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