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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: Using HTTP Request to test POST to upload and store a file
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2017 11:30:20 GMT

Am 27. Juli 2017 23:50:20 MESZ schrieb Lisa Waugh <>:
>I'm trying to use HTTP Request to upload and store a file via a POST to
>REST api.  I can't use HTTP Raw because it is an https request.  
>I can successfully accomplish this with smaller files (<= 500 kb). 
>larger files (>= 582 kb) it fails with a 500 Error: Connection error. 
>know it is not an issue with my REST api because I can use POSTMAN and 
>successfully post the same file.
>I've increased the Connect timeouts and Response timeouts to 80000000 
>These are images or audio recordings, not text files.
>No errors appear in the jmeter logs.

I think I can confirm this. Is the requests duration longer than expected? 

Could you take a threaddump while the request is waiting? 


>Is there a setting controlling the size somewhere I haven't found?  Is 
>there anyway to get this to work successfully?
>Lisa Waugh
>Fax:  720-396-0112
>Charlotte, NC

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