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From Matthew McGillis <>
Subject Re: IMAP User
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2017 05:42:30 GMT
Thanks for responding I found the issue I had some how entered the wrong value for one of the

Everything is working as expected after the change,


> On Jun 21, 2017, at 10:40 PM, Felix Schumacher <>
> Am 17. Juni 2017 04:49:57 MESZ schrieb Matthew McGillis <>:
>> I’m working on creating a IMAP user tester attached is a outline of
>> what I’m attempting to do. This test can be run from any machine and it
>> has no dependency on actually talking to a IMAP server.
> I see no test attached. The mailing list manager sometimes (often) strips attachments.
> Felix
>> In the jmx file the IMAP User Thread Group would represent a set of
>> IMAP users and each user has to do some start actions and end actions
>> then in between it would do any number of imap commands where the
>> command called should be based on the throughput controller
>> distribution.
>> The problem I’m having is I can not get the loop to actually execute
>> the loop count number of times it always ends up running for some
>> number less than the actual loop count. In the attached file it should
>> run 100 commands % distributed between the start and end.
>> However every time I run it I only get 91 actual executions.
>> If anyone can help please let me know what I have done wrong.
>> Thanks,
>> Matthew

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