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From Deepak Shetty <>
Subject Re: Warming up Java servers before measuring performance
Date Fri, 19 May 2017 18:07:56 GMT
Your reporting engine of choice will usually support this filter. For most
non trivial load tests you have to analyze the data in either a DB or
something like graphite etc - Almost all of which will trivially allow you
to filter out time frames you dont want.
For out of box listeners , yes you could write a simple program to filter
values from JTL.

Ive not found JMeter *warmup* to be a significant issue to matter in most
normal load tests (i.e. those that run for atleast an hour). The
application itself is a different matter but thats very application
specific.(And sometimes *warmup* hides issues)

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 11:48 PM, Isuru Perera <>

> Hi,
> We are using JMeter to run load tests on our Java servers and we want to
> warm-up the application before taking measurements.
> For example, I want to have 10 minutes as the warm up time and 20 minutes
> as the measurement time.
> I see two approaches to this.
> 1. Run JMeter for 30 minutes and exclude first 10 minutes data in the JTL
> file and generate reports.
> 2. Run JMeter for 10 minutes and run again for 20 minutes. Generate reports
> from 20 minutes JTL file.
> We prefer number 1, as the Java server will be in a steady state when
> taking measurements. However for approach 1, we need to find a way to
> exclude first few minutes of data. We can do this with a simple program.
> Number 2 approach may not be useful as we are restarting the JMeter and it
> will take some time get a steady throughput.
> I searched the web and I found following Stackoverflow question.
> exclude-warmup-time-from-jmeter-summary
> With GraphsGeneratorListener
> <>, it seems that I
> can only generate reports. Is there any other way to just exclude first few
> minutes in the JTL and then use the JTL to generate reports (for example,
> JMeter Dashboard). Is that listener the only standard way to exclude
> warm-up time in JMeter?
> Why don't I see anything mentioned about Java Warm-up time in official
> docs? Since JMeter is based on Java, I expected some guidelines to load
> test Java servers and how to exclude Java warm-up time. I think we should
> also consider the warm-up time of JMeter. With approach 1, we can also make
> sure that JMeter is also performing at its best when taking the
> measurements.
> I really appreciate your feedback on this.
> Thank you.
> Best Regards,
> --
> Isuru Perera

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