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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: getting error when loading a results file; how do I get more details?
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2017 16:09:37 GMT

Am 2. März 2017 17:02:47 MEZ schrieb Scott Dean <>:
>Found the problem.  It was a data error in the .csv results file.  One
>the lines did not have a value for Group Name and this caused the
>import to
>fail when there was no value to add to the append to the label value. 
>clue why there was no thread group name for the record or how to
>the bad result data.

Could you check, if the group name can be found on another line nearby? I have a bad feeling,
that the writing of the CSV file might not be done in a thread safe way.


>-- Scott Dean
>   North Carolina State University
>On Wed, Mar 1, 2017 at 11:58 AM, Scott Dean <> wrote:
>> I have run my tests in non-gui mode and generated a results file.  I
>> now trying to pull the results into a summary report listener and
>getting a
>> error message in Result File Loader: "Error loading result file --
>see log
>> file".  When I look in the jmeter.log file, all I see is "WARN -
>> jmeter.reporters.ResultCollector: Problem reading JTL: <name of the
>> file>".  I am assuming that this is the log file I am supposed to
>look in.
>> In addition, I get the error when "Include group name in label?" is
>> but I do not  when that setting is not checked.
>>  Is there anything I can do to get more info about the error, like a
>> setting that will give more verbose log output?  I am running jmeter
>with a
>> heap size of 2048m and the result file is 81.6 MB.
>> Thanks
>> -- Scott Dean
>>    North Carolina State University
>>    Raleigh NC.

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