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From Basim Baassiri <>
Subject Nested Throughput Controller
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2017 04:37:17 GMT
I'm trying to recreate the following visual representation that I found in
the book  Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications
<> using

   - ThroughputShapingTimer
   - DummySampler
   - Throughput Controller
   - Ultimate Thread Group

[image: Inline image 1]
As I understand it, it is defined as

   - All Users go to the *Main Nav Page*
   - *15% *go to the *Analysis* Page
      - of the 15%, *4*% go to the *Analysis Type* Page
      - of the 15%, *11*% go the the *Report type* Page
   - *85% *go the *List Work Items *page
      - of the 85%, *10*% go to the *Submit* Page
      - of the 85%, *75*% go to the *Check Out* Page

I can't seem to model in Jmeter past the 2nd level successfully

I'm attaching the test plan that I'm building which is built upon the plan
provided by ThroughputShapingTimer
<> plugin

My question is, how do i do nested throughput controllers to match the list
above? Every time i nest the controller, the number of requests change and
when i verify the correctness of percentage (number of requests/total
requests) that value gets smaller and smaller

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