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From Markus Obermann <>
Subject SMTP Sampler Messagesize wrong due to CR and LN on Linux
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2017 15:29:35 GMT
I'm using the latest jmeter release and latest jre on a Linux centos x64.Using the SMTP Sampler
I sent one .txt file which has a size of exactly 3049 bytes.To be sure that the filesize is
really 3049 bytes I have put a small PRE-beanshell sampler with this
File f = new File(path);long size = f.length();System.out.println("size is: " + size);
And in fact in the command line i can see the output "3049".

But:Looking on my server i see that the .txt file is recieved with a size of 3087 bytes.This
means that 38 bytes has been added to the filesize by the SMTP Sampler of jmeter.
To be fair i have to say that im using Linux and if i open the File with "vi" i get the Message
"10L" which means thatthis file contain "LN" (line feed) only.
To be even more fair the .txt file contains 39 Lines
Now i think that the 38 extra bytes comes from jmeter because he read the file and do not
count it as "LN" but as "CR LN".As the last line (Line 39) do _not_ have a "CR" this line
is not treated as extra byte.Thus you get 38 extra bytes where you have 39 lines.
Questions:1. Can any dev. please confirm that jmeter (or the SMTP Sampler) do read the files
in as "CR LN" insted on linux you have "LN"?Means am i right with my assumption?
2. How can i force jmeter to read the attachment in as "LN"? so that it sends the file with
correct size?
3. Feature request:Maybe it's possible to add a "checkbox" to the smtp sampler how "CR LN"
should be treated for attachments.
In advice thanks for your answers.Br.Markus

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