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From Harperdev <>
Subject NTLM re-auth on thread loop
Date Tue, 26 Jan 2016 20:31:20 GMT
I'm doing NTLM authentication. I'm using the "HTTP Authorization Manger" with
"BASIC_DIGEST" mechanism (not Kerberos), and a CSV file of usernames and

If I run a thread only once, it's able to log in with whichever username
password I have it use. But, if I increase the thread loop to more than 1,
subsequent loops continue to use the original user. In the request headers
on subsequent loops, I can see it's not sending the "Authorization: NTLM"
code again.

How can I make it re-authenticate with the new user each time the thread
loops? Or, how can I make it forget everything, like it's a new thread?

The username/password is changing each loop. That's working fine. The
problem is jmeter is not even attempting to re-authenticate. 

I tried setting "Clear auth on each iteration" in the HTTP Authorization
Manager, but it doesn't seem to do anything and I read that's only used for


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