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From Deepak Shetty <>
Subject Re: how to send unique data for each thread in jmeter
Date Thu, 27 Aug 2015 14:29:29 GMT
Please note - none of your images made it through to the mailing list -
Please upload the images somewhere and specify the link
1) For CSV data set config : Is your sharing model set to all threads?
Assuming you have verified that the CSV itself has unique values , check
that Recycle on EOF is set to False (in case you have a problem in your
script this will check that if for e.g. your file is being reread you will
know that.
3) Random numbers are not guaranteed to be unique. However you can use
schemes like using a UUID (e.g.  or by using
a scheme like Thread ID + Timestamp + (plus ensure a delay of 1 ms between
requests made by the same thread by a timer or add a random number or so).
In your case even something like thread number + loop count should work.
4) Calling a java method should also work - provided you have written code
that works when invoked concurrently (in which case did you test that , and

On Wed, Aug 26, 2015 at 11:36 PM, Subhadip Bagui <> wrote:

> I'm using jmeter to test my REST API for 10000 hit for which each http hit
> will store some data in DB. I have followed the below test plan
> [image: enter image description here]
> I'm running 10 threads in parallel with ramp up time 20 sec each and loop
> count 1000 to achieve the same.
> [image: enter image description here]
> But the issue here is my threads are not taking unique data set. Whereas my
> backend HTTP URL expecting unique string for each http hit.
> Now I have tried with the below approaches.
>    1.
>    Single CSV data set config with 10000 unique values and all threads in
>    thread groups are reading the same data.
>    2.
>    Different CSV Data set for each threads and allocate the csv file with
>    thread using filename${__threadNum}.csv
>    3.
>    Using jmeter _RandomString method to generate random strings on runtime
>    for each http hit, in http post body I'm passing like
> {"tenantName":"${*__RandomString*(15,abcdefghijklmnofqrst1234567#@#%^&*,)}"}
>    1. Using BeanShell preprocessor to call a java method and generate
>    unique pattern all the time win HTTP Request sampler.
> Now none of the above approaches works for me. While running the test plan
> after some point of time 2 threads are trying to use the same data and hit
> my HTTP url. And I'm getting conflict error from http response. My error
> count keeps increasing.
> Now I really don't understand how these 2 treads trying to hit http with
> same data?
> Can some one please explain the issue and help me to set the correct test
> plan configuration.
> Regards,
> Subhadip
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