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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: JMeter - IP Source (aka IP Spoofing) option for Mail sampler
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2015 05:46:20 GMT

Am 10. August 2015 16:26:10 MESZ, schrieb Karthick N <>:
>Hello Team,
>I'm trying to achieve SMTP/POP3 session to the server using different
>client IP address via JMeter. However IP source (aka IP Spoofing)
>option is
>only available with HTTP sampler.

For smtp you would have to set a property on the mail session, which you can't do now. 

There is a bugzilla entry for tls1.2 and constrained ciphersuites for the smtp sampler, which
could be solved by extending the smtp sampler to support user defined properties.

>BTW, I don't want to use the distributed test (master/salve). I want to
>simulate the same behavior whats being used by HTTP sampler.
>I was successful of writing a script for FTP. But i'm seeking a
>method/feature to invoke different client IP's (Like HTTP IP source)
>default samplers like FTP, Mail read, SMTP, JDBC, MongoDB etc. instead
>wrting script. Any help is highly appreciated.
>Here is the sample code for FTP:
>FTPClient client = new FTPClient();
>OutputStream stream = new FileOutputStream("TempServerLog.txt");
>boolean success = client.retrieveFile("test1.txt", stream);
>"Success: " + success);
>if (!success) {
>  SampleResult.setSuccessful(false);
>  SampleResult.setResponseMessage("Failed to read file");

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