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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: Test web app with http session replication Jboss 5.2
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2015 05:42:19 GMT

Am 14. August 2015 22:00:22 MESZ, schrieb Rodrigo Ramos <>:
>Hi folks
>I'm testing a web-based application on Jboss 5.2, which uses
>I'm interested on test to http session replication. The time taken for
>replication is around 25 seconds (udp asynchronous). I'm putting a
>into the script, but is not enough, because all threads fails when wake
>seems as session is dropped or corrupted. JSF view components fails in

What do you mean by 'all threads fail when wake up'? Where did you place the timer and which
timer did you use? Have you tried your test with a single thread only? Are there any log messages
on the server side? 

>The same test without http session replication works fine.
>If I do the same test with http session replication on my web browser
>are not any problem..
>Are there any guideline for testing http session replication testing

The session replication should be transparent to any used client.

Do you use a loadbalancer with sticky sessions? 

To debug your issue, you I would start with one thread an put a tree result listener to my
test and look at the request/response pairs. 



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