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From Bo Bodnar <>
Subject Re: Multiple system under test with Jmeter
Date Mon, 20 Apr 2015 15:27:23 GMT
I’ve done this before using a single server dedicated for Jmeter 
concurrently targeting two different computers.  Some experiences:

1). I used two thread groups (easier this way).
2). The target machines had activities timestamped and stored in local log 
files - this required all computers to synchronize to a common clock.  I 
used a CENTOS computer running as a stratum-2 clock and synchronizing to a 
bunch of NIST stratum-1 time servers.  The (application) log data could 
then be correlated with Jmeter load.
3). Jmeter and target machines were windows-based; this required modifying 
the registry to change the default 1/week time synchronization to 1/hour 
synchronization.  This change eliminated clock drift.
4). All work was done in a dedicated performance lab that was isolated 
from outside load - this reduced variance in latency/execution time; the 
only outside access was via one of the NICs on the time server.

I hope this helps,

Bohdan Bodnar

On 4/20/15, 10:16 AM, "Deepak Shetty" <> wrote:

>>Is it possible to have multiple system under tests and collect the 
>>in central location ?
>yes many different ways to do it too
>a. It could be part of the same test (and same thread group also)
>b. It could be part of the same test but different threadgroups which
>include the same script
>c. It could be part of a distributed test where each server sends to one 
>the systems
>d. It could be independent tests which aggregate the results using some of
>the listeners
>and so  on...
>On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 7:21 AM, Neependra Khare 
>> In my environment I have different apps running and they
>> can be accessed via end-points like following :-
>> >
>> .......
>> .......
>> >
>> I want to send simultaneous requests through jmeter to all of the
>> end-points
>> and collect response time.
>> Is it possible to have multiple system under tests and collect the 
>> in
>> central location ?
>> Thanks.
>> --
>> Regards,
>> Neependra

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