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From Bob Nance <>
Subject Re: Scripting a new-user signup
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2015 14:46:04 GMT
never mind. I found it in the “View Results Tree” in the thread. Silly me. 

Thank you, again!

> On Apr 2, 2015, at 8:03 AM, Bruno Michaud <> wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> Very easy, I do it all the time:
> Use a "Regular Expression Extractor" Post Processor in the page that sends the value
you want. This will set a variable that you can use in your subsequent POST.
> The help and examples on "Regular Expression Extractor" are very good but something like
this should do ya:
> Reference Name:		enrollment_id
> Regular Expression:	registration[enrollment_id]" type="hidden" value="([^"]+?)">
> Template:			$1$
> Match No.:			1
> Default Value:		enroll_id_NOT_FOUND
> Then in your POST wherever you want to pass the value you put ${enrollment_id}
> When you test, if the value is replaced by the Default (NOT FOUND) value, you'll have
to adjust the regex appropriately.
> Godd luck,
> Bruno
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bob Nance [] 
> Sent: Thursday, April 02, 2015 8:41 AM
> To: JMeter Users List
> Subject: Re: Scripting a new-user signup
> Apparently, my mail program encoded the addresses, below and the mailing list filter
displayed the link inline. I have cleared the issue, below.
>> On Apr 2, 2015, at 7:17 AM, Bob Nance <> wrote:
>> I have been tasked to create a script that will load-test a sign-up process. I have
captured the process and need to alter it to create a new user for each thread.
>> I have two issues, one I think I understand how to do, the other, not so much.
>> 1) The unique email is being handled by a Counter object when the form is POSTed.
The Counter is referenced as “usercounter” starting at 101, incrementing by 1. The username
I am posting is:
> registration[email] jmeter${usercounter}
> I am 75% sure that this will do what I want, with each thread using an incrementing number
for its run (the first will sign-up a user named “” and the 10th
will sign-up a user named “” )
>> 2) The form, however, passes a hidden variable to the browser that has to be passed
back in the POST. The number is unique and has to match what was handed to it.
>> <input class="hidden form-control" id="registration_enrollment_id" name="registration[enrollment_id]"
type="hidden" value="2”>
>> The developer sent me that snippet. The “value=‘2’ ” is unique for this registration
and I need to be able to extract that data from the page source so that I can pass it back
through the thread’s POST. At this point, I am LOST! Where do I find this in the recorded
transactions? It was obviously extracted, since the POST that I sent back in the first test
included the pair:
>> registration[enrollment_id] 2
>> Can anyone provide me a method for pulling the page source information for the form
so that I can get this unique number? The enrollment fails without it and I can’t even test
if my ${usercounter} works, either, since I can’t see the registration pass with the missing
enrollment_id. The registration for the first user, the one created during the recording,
worked great, since my browser handed back the correct number (that time the number was 2214)
>> I have used jmeter to load-test page loads and form fills, before, but this is the
first time I have had to manipulate the data. I need help!
>> -Bob

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