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From CHABE Sylvie <>
Subject JMeter Non HTTP response code:
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2015 09:50:48 GMT

I am carrying out load testing with 250 users simultaneously.
I encountered the following problems:

Non HTTP response code:
Non HTTP response code:

Concerning the first error, I read the following :
"This message usually occurs for high users load-test. It mainly occurs when the Port used
to send request has crossed the maximum number of requests or when the request arrives when
the port is occupied with many requests. Try configuring multiple ports at the server or run
Jmeter in multiple instances with different ports."

We already have 4 injectors on which we have splitted the 250 users on the HTTP port 80. We
need to keep the same port to test the same web site. Is there another port dedicated to the
sockets or do we use the same port as the HTTP one ? if the port is different, is there a
way to parameterize it? Is there a way to parameterize the number of sockets that can be sent
to the port in jmeter.bat ?

Is " Non HTTP response code:" a consequence of the " Non HTTP
response code:" ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


Sylvie CHABE

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