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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Using Java API to generate JMX files
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2015 10:51:54 GMT
On 22 January 2015 at 02:45, jmeterdev <> wrote:
> Dave Newton wrote
>> I've been using various DSLs to create jMeter test plans for years and
>> couldn't imagine doing it in Java instead.
> Well see we don't have Ruby integration.  In English, I don't have a Ruby
> interpreter/compiler that would run on the customer's middleware server...
> The middleware solution uses either a 4th Generation Proprietary Language
> (4GL+) or Java.
> We don't want to force customers to install all kinds of software in "each
> one" of their environments just so that they can have some BASIC
> automation/generation of test cases/plans.
> In my book, whatever the JMeter GUI does in Java is what a Java API should
> be able to do also.  Replication 100% accuracy - no differences.

The point is not that one cannot use Java to create the JMXs -
obviously one can.

But the APIs that JMeter uses are not part of the public API of JMeter.

There is no guarantee that the API won't change between releases.

Whereas the JMeter project does try to guarantee that the JMX file
format is upwards compatible.

Therefore anything that creates the JMX file directly will be
unaffected by internal JMeter changes.

> But I am open to discuss what DSLs can be used to create jMeter plans.  I
> doubt I will be given a Java API in the next month! :P

No, that won't happen. But provided that you stick to the JMX file
format, you can create your own Java code tomorrow, and be sure that
it will continue working.

Note also that a DSL can be written in Java.
You just have to design the input format that you want your uses to
create, and then write the Java code (or Perl or Python or Ruby or
XSLT or COBOL or BASIC or whatever) to convert the input to JMX.

This is likely to be easier for your end-users.
And you have total control over the JMX output, e.g. you can force
certain naming conventions.

> Many thanks for your input and help!
> Kristopher
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