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From Satya Prakash <>
Subject Not getting desired outcome through jp@gc - Stepping Thread Group
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2015 18:00:09 GMT
I am doing load testing through Jmeter. My scenario is to send 10
request/second upto 100 request. I have 12 http sampler to complete a
single transaction.

When I am using  jp@gc - Stepping Thread Group, I am observing that all the
requests are not hitting the all sampler means as per attachment for last
sampler it is observed that only 17 request is hitting.

When I am using inbuilt thread group in Jmeter and using 10 thread with
loop count 10 and test Action to hold the test for 1 second upto 100
request. I am getting all the request is hitting all sampler.

For more details see the attachment.

Please suggest where I am going wrong.


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