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From jmeterdev <>
Subject Re: Using Java API to generate JMX files
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2015 01:16:51 GMT
So you say using the Java API to produce JMX files is "unsupported" and yet I
have a code sample that shows me how to create a thread, sampler and save
the result to a JMX file.

We are interested in *bundling* JMeter with our own "facilities" which
include HTTP Processing of services in a middleware solution.  The idea
would be to produce JMX files that can later be edited - by say disabling
certain steps.

Specifically what we want to do is:

1. Generate XPath Assertions for XML response documents (via HTTP Requests)
2. Produce dynamically a JMX file with XPath Assertions
3. Allow Business Analysts to browse the resulting file
4. Allow them to disable/modify XPath Assertions to better match the test

This would allow/give the customers the BEST value for their middleware
solution.  Our goal would be to fully automate the solution given an "input
file" and then produce an "XML output file", "XPath Assertions" and "Dynamic
JMX file".

Test plans may then be used to *tweak* the tests by enabling/disabling
certain XPath Assertions and allowing a Business User to modify certain
assertions to better match the business validation of their test cases.

For us this would be a very *important* middleware solution and we of course
could offer this solution to all our existing customers.

Examples:  Handling of a PurchaseOrder, you would want to DISABLE PONumber
validation but keep things like POStatus (Ok, Backorder, etc.)


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