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From George <>
Subject Re: KeyStore Configuration loops for every http sampler?
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2014 13:34:13 GMT
got it.I have to set the property "https.use.cached.ssl.context=true"Doing so i get a warning
message in my logger panel that i have to set this value to "false" to use multiple client
certs but i ignore it.So for me if i set this value to "true" everything works like a charm.If
i set this value to "false" then for EVERY http sampler jmeter use the next cert from keystore.
So if i set it to "true" i see this:jmeter.protocol.http.sampler.HTTPHC4Impl: Reusing the
HttpClient: @id..... 
And the id is the same as for the first HttpClient.Thus if i have 10 http samplers the first
one will be created with the [0] cert and all other 9 http samplers will simple "reuse" the
httpclient and of course reuse the [0] cert or better say the ssl handshake is done only once
(at the first request).


     George <> schrieb am 12:32 Mittwoch, 10.Dezember 2014:

it seems that the Keystore Configuration loops through the index for every http sampler request?I
have put jmeter into "debug" mode and also debug "ssl, keymanager". I see everything clear
in the logger panel.
So i have a Keystore (.jks) with 3 certs. cert1, cert2, cert3. 
My keystore configuration says "start: 0, end:2" preload: false".Then i have
---> Thread running 1 rampup 1 and just run 1------>Cookie Manager
-------->Simple controler------------->Http Sampler targeting my server on via https
and do a simple GET------------->Http Sampler targeting the same server via https doing
a GET/path/blah

When i run my test then i see this for the first http sampler:jmeter.protocol.http.sampler.HTTPHC4Impl:
Created new HttpClient: @instance_idjmeter.util.SSLManager: Total of 3 aliases loaded OK from
Perfect so far. Then i see:jmeter.util.JsseSSLManager: Using threadLocal SSL context for :thread1
1-1jmeter.util.JsseManager: Client alias:'cert1'
So far good.Then the http sampler request is made and i see the response and i see that i
get a cookie back. 
Perfect.But now i see:jmeter.util.JsseSSLManager: Clearing session context for current thread

And then i see that the next http sampler is triggered to be executed i see:jmeter.protocol.http.sampler.HTTPHC4Impl:
Created new HttpClient: @instance_id_for_next_sampler
And i also see again:jmeter.util.JsseSSLManager: Using threadLocal SSL context for :thread1
And now i see:jmeter.util.JsseManager: Client alias:'cert2'

WHY that?I mean i have one thread with 2 http sampler request.I don't want that jmeter "loops"
through my certs [0-2] for every http sampler.I want to have 1 thread with 10 http samplers
targeting the same server via https and i want that all sent "cert1".
But now i see clearly that the ssl session context will be opend and closed for every http
sampler.This mean that for first http sampler jmeter use cert from position [0] from my keystore
configuration and for the next http request it use postion [1].?

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