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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Any way to send mix of different request types while preserving order??
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2014 17:30:39 GMT
On 21 November 2014 16:24, P R <> wrote:
> I'm exploring using J-meter to replay log activity and was curious if a mix of content
can be sent through J-meter. For example, some requests sent over XML-RPC, others over TCP
sockets, and still others using HTTP REST.
> It appears that J-meter's If Condition or distributed capability may help.

Yes, you could use a conditional controller to select the appropriate sampler.

If by "distributed" capabliity you mean client-server mode: that won't help.

> Separate thread groups also seem useful; though, I'd prefer the order of requests be
preserved as closely as practical.
Separate thread groups could be used to exercise different samplers,
but the ordering would be unpredictable.

JMeter does not provide dynamic sampler types.
Given that different types need completely different settings, I don't
see how that could work.

However you can use dynamic variables to provide the required settings
for each sampler, so in theory you can use a conditional controller to
select the sampler.

The Switch Controller is one possible method and may be simpler to set
up than multiple If Controllers.
But it needs a numeric parameter.
If you don't want to be restricted to numeric sampler types, you could
use a scripting preprocessor or function to convert textual sampler
types into a number.

I suggest you experiment with the Java Request Sampler (use different
labels for different dummy samplers) to see how you you get on.

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