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From Robert Inder <>
Subject Can I use a variable in a Configuration Element?
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2014 21:30:40 GMT
I'm new to JMeter.  It's obviously a very, very capable system, and
although I managed to get it to run a trivial test quite easily, I'm
struggling to come to terms with some of its more advanced features.

I'm planning to use files of "typical" sequences of activity.

I've set up a "CSV Data Set" configuration element to read lines from the
file into variables, and used those variables in the Values of an HTTP
Request sampler.  Works a treat!

But now, I want to extend this to have submit sequences of URLs from
different files in parallel.

I'm trying to do this by having a number of parallel threads, each
working down a different CSV file.  But although I can use a "User
Parameters" element to set a name variable for each user / thread,
the CSV Data Set element is not substituting the variables into the
file name.  So if I set the CSV Data Set "filename" to
"sequences/${sequence}_steps.csv", that it literally the file it tries to open.

I THINK this is because the CSV Data Set configuration element is run before
the User Parameters pre-processor.

Is that right?  Or am I running in to some other restriction?

In any case, what is the best way to achieve what I'm trying to do?
To get each thread to use a different CSV Data Source file?


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