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From Deepak Shetty <>
Subject Re: Can I use a variable in a Configuration Element?
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2014 15:54:31 GMT
>Is there a better way I could to do this?
Options I can think of are
a. Dont use a CSV data set config - You can read data in JMeter in a
variety of ways - Including writing your own java code that can load CSV
files dynamically and feed data to your samplers (via pre processors or
other samplers) - A little bit of advanced java knowledge might be needed
(concurrency). The source need not be a file - it could be a rdbms, a nosql
or anything else that satisfies the way you want your data.

b. Multiple CSV files , even scoped by thread number still have some issues
- Usually the number of threads you want to run is related to the parallel
load you want to see and you might have more files than that (assuming one
file represents one complete sequence) - In this case you either need to
interact with Jmeter apis to reload the file or concatenate multiple files
before you begin so that the number of files matches the number of threads

On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 3:41 AM, Robert Inder <>

> On 20 November 2014 00:10, sebb <> wrote:
> >> In any case, what is the best way to achieve what I'm trying to do?
> >> To get each thread to use a different CSV Data Source file?
> >
> > ${__threadNum} might work.
> Hmmmm.   OK, I'll give that a go.
> > But do you really need to use a different file for each thread?
> > Would it not be simpler to share the file between all the threads?
> Simpler, yes.  But not as good.
> We're providing a service for a number of different clients.
> Each client has their own data, and with variations on the software
> versions they
> are using.  So the requests clients can sensibly launch are similar,
> but different.
> I ASSUME that n users/threads exercising one client's system will stress
> the system less than n users each exercising a different client's system,
> because it will allow more things to be cached.  But I'd like to get some
> measure of that.
> My plan is to have files that are each full of data/operations that are
> sensible for one client, and then have some number of threads using
> different files, and thus working (sensibly) as a single client without
> having
> to parse any of the forms or data being sent to that client.
> Is there a better way I could to do this?
> Robert.
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