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From Shmuel Krakower <>
Subject Coding JMeter tests
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2014 13:29:15 GMT
Hi all,
For a long time I'm struggling to push JMeter to the hands of developers
within the different development teams I'm working with. Today some of
those developer know and use JMeter, because it is part of our processes
(to performance test as much as possible), but they are not happy to take
such JMeter tasks.

I was discussing this today with one of my colleagues, our pain is that
JMeter fail to be considered 'sexy', by most developers.
This is true especially when you look at the recent years changes where
developers are also taking care for end user / functional testing
development using frameworks such as cucumber.

It feels like there's a lot of hype and 'cool'-ness (and fun) about
functional testing as part of agile methods and continuous deployment
efforts, but not once it comes to performance testing.

I believe that the most immediate blocker is that JMeter takes the
developer outside of his comfort zone, outside of the IDE. JMeter
considered as a 'tool'.

If we scope the discussion (for simplicity) to Java developers, I believe
that if they take JMeter as a library or a framework, which will live
inside the IDE, so it allows them to write tests in Java code and some
mechanism to run those tests, it will increase the attraction of JMeter in
the eyes of developers.

Technically speaking, I guess it should be relative easy to utilize JMeter
from Java code, so a developer could nicely 'develop' tests and run them as
ANT / MVN task. Mainly because there are already such integrations to run
JMeter tests from within the IDE and because JMeter is written in Java -
thus why not using the Java API to create scripts via code?

I just googled for that and found this post by blazemener: http://blazemeter
Where point 4 talks about exactly the same thing.
Does anyone has experience with this approach? Pros and Cons? Ideas?

I don't mean that load tests should run from the IDE, but developers should
be able to develop scripts and run them (for testing) in their comfort
zone. The load tests execution should surely run later from a dedicated
environment / machines.

This is mostly for discussion and as it is based on my own experience and
my own thoughts, I might be completely wrong here with my feelings and
assumptions, but would be nice to hear other thoughts on that topic.


Shmuel Krakower. - re-use your jmeter scripts for application performance
monitoring from worldwide locations for free.

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