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From Flavio Cysne <>
Subject Re: Coding JMeter tests
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2014 12:54:47 GMT
My 2 cents.

I really love JMeter and I'll try to get this passion aside from my opinion.

1. Developers are free to do whatever they can with JMeter.

JMeter can test TCP, SOAP, JSF, .NET, common websites, Socket, Database
Queries, WebSocket (not from the core, but there is a plugin for this) and
many more (and even MycroStrategy flash reports. I made a script to test it
using WebDriver).

2. JMeter gives you the opportunity to evolve itself by your hands (make a

If there's a protocol you can't test because JMeter has no Sampler for it,
do yours. It's not an excuse to be "unhappy" with JMeter. If there's a
Sampler but it is not complete enough, fork it, do your upgrades and submit
back to community.

3. Developers can do logic programming in JMeter test script.

There are plenty of ways you can customize your script logic. The way you
use Logic Controllers, and programmable Samplers like BeanShell Sampler, OS
Process Sampler or BSF Sampler, is what you need to make it work.

Free your mind!!!

I've been using JMeter for performance tests since 4 years ago, and
capturing 2 scripts, in average, every week for different test scenarios.
Some of those scripts had a complex logic to fulfill (test workflow
requirements). Sometimes I had to write down the logic and make tests using
different JMeter components to know exactly what I had to use to achieve
the test requirements.

You have to understand how JMeter components interact to use them properly.

About this link,
I use JMeter Ant task and took some tests with JMeter Maven Plugin. Ant
task is more easily customized than Maven plugin. When I tested JMeter
Maven plugin it was brandy new and have less documentation than now. I'll
take a look again to know If I hadn't used its full potential.

I can't say that JMeter has no cons, all tools have theirs.
What I can say about that is JMeter source code is a bit tricky, but I've
not dedicated enough time to understand it.
My opinion is that JMeter GUI classes and classes used during non-GUI test
execution should be taken apart so it could use less memory for non-GUI

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