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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: JSON to string in javascript via BSF post processor, etc.? Seem to come across a problem. A bug? Any help or tips?
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2014 09:01:26 GMT
Hello David,

Am 25.11.2014 04:57, schrieb David Luu:
> I was wondering if anyone has dealt with JSON data and the need to
> stringify it at some point and doing this in JMeter, say with BSF 
> sampler
> for javascript?
> Any tips on that would be appreciated.
> I gave it a try and noticed that JMeter, at least as of version 2.9
> r1437961 that I'm using, seems to support JSON.stringify(), or using it
> doesn't cause any errors.
> However, in one situation, it fails to work. I can't share the full 
> test
> plan but here's a snippet around the issue:
> //after HTTP sampler, we process JSON response in BSF post processor in
> javascript
> eval('var jsonResponse = ' + prev.getResponseDataAsString());
if you are using the JSON object (below with stringify) anyway, why not 
  var jsonResponse = JSON.parse(prev.getResponseDataAsString());
instead of eval(...)?

> jsonResponse.cacheOnly = false;
> jsonResponse.someItemId = vars.get("SOMEITEMID");
> //...some other stuff dealing with updating JSON object member values
> vars.put("testVar", jsonResponse.someItemId);
> vars.put("JSON_OBJ_AS_STR", JSON.stringify(jsonResponse));
> I'm reusing JSON_OBJ_AS_STR or can be a new JMeter variable.
> If I set JSON object member someItemId, then the stringify fails 
> (without
> any complain from JMeter other than test failure at some point). Using
Have you looked in jmeter.log?

> debug sampler after this, I notice that JSON_OBJ_AS_STR isn't updated 
> as
> expected (using old value) or the new variable isn't defined/set, 
> although
> testVar is defined correctly. If I omit defining new member 
> "someItemId"
> and setting it's value, then the stringify works fine. But I need both
> things together.
You could try to enclose the javascript code in a try/catch block and 
the possibly catched exceptions.

> SOMEITEMID is actually a JMeter variable set by a Regular Expression
> Extractor that is set to match a single match group in parenthesis in 
> the
> regex.
> SOMEITEMID =14179242
> SOMEITEMID_g0=someText someMoreText" id="14179242"
> SOMEITEMID_g1=14179242
> I also tried using  SOMEITEMID_g1 instead of base variable, didn't make 
> a
> difference.
> Is the problem to do with regular expression matched variable and
> JSON.stringify used together?
> I guess I could look for alternate javascript solution, or worst case 
> swap
> to try doing it in Java like
> it's just that javascript is simpler to deal with if I can. I don't 
> suppose
> a newer version of Jmeter fixes this issue...
> I could look into JSONPath related route, but as I'm dealing with 
> multiple
> updates to JSON object data, it seems easier to do in code whether
> javascript, Java, etc.
> Thanks for reading. Any feedback appreciated,
> David

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