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From "Schouten, Xander" <>
Subject RE: Question regarding Thread Groups
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2014 19:26:58 GMT
In manual  and examples
Thread group elements are the beginning points of any test plan. ...
Multiple threads are used to simulate concurrent connections to your server application
Max load  by looping  multiple Scenario's with thread groups and  looping multiple controllers
Therefore the scope of threads variable is important for process use on cpu.  So define on
each scenario.

I am running tress test.
Running#Users/load%: 5K/20%, 15K/50%, 25K/90%  concurrent run on 2 load servers (web cluster)
with 40 Scenario's.
Only using simple controllers with mix of POST,  FTP  and validate external.
Duration of test is < 1 hour.
Testplan is max 4 level deep otherwise I will encounter problems running jmeter

However if your server is configured to monitor or maximize the number of threads, processes
or resources than you will not reach the max load. This is often the case for hosted virtual

Hope this help.

Met vriendelijke groeten / Kind regards /  Mit freundlichem Gruß, :-)
Xander Schouten

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From: Sushma Kattinti [] 
Sent: vrijdag 31 oktober 2014 19:26
To: JMeter Users List
Cc: Sushma Kattinti
Subject: Question regarding Thread Groups 
Importance: High


I will give little bit background regarding my testing

Scope: To stress test presence load (call progress updates - HTTP
requests) against presence server which has Jboss application running on it. Aim is to check
the breaking point of the box with respect to CPU usage/memory/load average

Testing set up on Jmeter:

1) Running this on Remote machine so that I don¹t choke my physical hardware
2) I am sending POST commands with 10,000 users in my csv data file.

3) Number of threads 250 (I tried with 1000 and 500 initially)
4) Ramp up period in seconds - 60
5) loop count - forever
6) Checked ³Delay thread creation until needed²
7) HTTP cache manager - Max Number of elements in cache - 5000

How I am running this test:

1) I am using X11 to run this on remote server using following command /jmeter -n -t PresenceTesting_script.jmx
-l presencetestinglog.jtl -H xx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx -P 8080

2) I can see the traffic coming to the destination box without an issue.
3) Top displays Java Processes which is what this test is all about.

My Questions:

1) Irrespective of Number of threads, the target machine has same load average, Not sure what
I can change on Jmeter itself. Looks I am spiking the box??? (unclear)
2) How can I make this multi threaded. Meaning create number of thread groups and run them
simultaneously instead of one after the other. I do not see the option (

Please advice

Thank you,

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