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From Sushma Kattinti <>
Subject Question regarding Thread Groups
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2014 18:25:51 GMT

I will give little bit background regarding my testing

Scope: To stress test presence load (call progress updates - HTTP
requests) against presence server which has Jboss application running on
it. Aim is to check the breaking point of the box with respect to CPU
usage/memory/load average

Testing set up on Jmeter:

1) Running this on Remote machine so that I don¹t choke my physical
2) I am sending POST commands with 10,000 users in my csv data file.

3) Number of threads 250 (I tried with 1000 and 500 initially)
4) Ramp up period in seconds - 60
5) loop count - forever
6) Checked ³Delay thread creation until needed²
7) HTTP cache manager - Max Number of elements in cache - 5000

How I am running this test:

1) I am using X11 to run this on remote server using following command
/jmeter -n -t PresenceTesting_script.jmx -l presencetestinglog.jtl -H
xx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx -P 8080

2) I can see the traffic coming to the destination box without an issue.
3) Top displays Java Processes which is what this test is all about.

My Questions:

1) Irrespective of Number of threads, the target machine has same load
average, Not sure what I can change on Jmeter itself. Looks I am spiking
the box??? (unclear)
2) How can I make this multi threaded. Meaning create number of thread
groups and run them simultaneously instead of one after the other. I do
not see the option (

Please advice

Thank you,

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