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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Distributed Testing with Multiple IPs per server
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2014 17:18:40 GMT
On 17 October 2014 02:43, Jacob Burkamper <> wrote:
> Hello!
> I am attempting to use jmeter to test a web service which will return
> differing results based on the IP address which sent the request, as well
> as potentially behave differently depending on the number of IP addresses
> active in the last few minutes.
> I have successfully used jmeter as a single client to simulate
> approximately 500 users, all with unique IP addresses.

How did you do this?
Did you use the HTTP Sampler "Source Address" field?
And what did you use to populate it?

> However, the single
> client is unable to scale any higher than this, and I need to be able to
> test with potentially thousands of users.
> Therefore, I have acquired more physical hardware, with the intent to use
> jmeter's distributed testing capability.

You might find that the JMeter client and/or network connections to
the JMeter servers are a limitation.

I would suggest running stand-alone JMeter non-GUI instances and
combining the results afterwards.
You can start the test on a single client, and add more clients until
the server under test starts to complain.

In either case, make sure your JMeter hosts clocks are synchronised.

> The trouble I am having is that I
> can not seem to figure out how to have each individual server use a
> different IP list.

That depends on how you are doing it currently.

> What I would like is something like this:
> Server1 runs tests with 500 users, using IP addresses from the
> range.
> Server2 runs tests with 500 users, using IP addresses from the
> range.
> Server3 runs tests with 500 users, using IP addresses from the
> range.
> All other parameters of the test remain the same. Is there some way to
> accomplish this, or to at least come close?

Yes, but more info is needed

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