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From Flavio Cysne <>
Subject Re: Running load test for N number of users and M number of transactions, using possibly two datasources
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2014 19:12:53 GMT

* For single JMeter instance, distribute your transaction data in files
numbered by user thread number (from 1 to 10, in your case)

Test Plan (if users have to run sequentially)
    - CSV Dataset Config (userDs.csv)
    - Counter (start: 1, end: 10, increment: 1, referenceName: counter)
    - Threads Group (threads: 1, loop: 10)
        - Loop Controller (loop: 100)
            - Samplers -> Use __CSVRead to a variable using ${counter} as
part of it, like: __CSVRead(per-user-csv-file-${counter}.csv,0)

Test Plan (if users will run simultaneously)
    - CSV Dataset Config (userDs.csv)
    - Threads Group (threads: 10, loop: 1)
        - Loop Controller (loop: 100)
            - Samplers -> Use __CSVRead to a variable using __threadNum as
part of it, like: __CSVRead(per-user-csv-file-${__threadNum()}.csv,0)

* For distributed environment with 10 JMeter slaves, each slave will have
to have two CSV files (userDs.csv and per-user-csv-file.csv) with the data
to use for the specific user

each JMeter slave will have a userDs.csv file with only one line inside it,
the one with the specific user data (ex: in JMeter slave 1, userDs.csv will
have only one line: user1,password1)

Test Plan (add Test Plan variables relative to keys. ex:
user: ${__P(user,NOT_DEFINED)} / password : ${__P()}
    - CSV DatasetConfig (userDs.csv)
    - CSV DatasetConfig (per-user-csv-file.csv)
    - Thread Group (threads: 1, loopCount 100)
        - Samplers (no specific advice here. since every per-user data is
distributed in distinct JMeter slaves, just use the field names as normal)

Hope it helps

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