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From rxfillpharm <>
Subject Re: JMETER performance - Processes & threads
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2014 21:05:32 GMT
Thank you Philippe, My answers are below. 
On Wed, 10/29/14, Philippe Mouawad <> wrote:
 What is your machine configuration ?
   If you mean the server, it is windows 2008 server R2, with 32 gb ram 2 processors.  The
data, app server and 
   webapps are all on this machine.  Jmeter is running on linux.   Not sure how to check linux

 What is your Xmx configuration ?
   "-Xms2048m -Xmx4096m"

 How does your test look like ? Can you show an overview ?
    1. go to signon page  http://host:port/welcomepage
    2. sign off 
        I used jmeter proxy to create the text.  So, at the browser, I waited for the screen
to fully open then clicked signoff.

     There are lots of calls to content in between but I basically just want to see how long
it takes for many users to signon/off.
      We initially decided to try splitting up the threads across two sessions because we
cannot understand why performance 
     with Grinder (our previous tool) was so much faster!

 For how much time do you run it ?
  I run for 100 threads, 1 run each.
  Then two separate sessions of 50 threads, 1 run each. 

 Do you run the 2nd test just after the  first one ? 
   WHen I split the test into two 5-thread processes, I run the second one within one second
of the first by quickly 
  switching to the other linux window and hitting enter key. 

Did you try reversing the test , ie run 2x50 before 1x100 ?
  Have not tried that. 

 What is your jmeter version ?
   Jmeter version is 2.11

 On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 4:50 PM, rxfillpharm
 > I hope someone can clarify a jmeter
 performance question.
 > I have a test that simulates user
 > When I
 run jmeter in a unix process with 100 threads, the average
 speed is
 > 100sec.
 > When I run 2 separate
 unix processes with 50 threads each, starting each
 > process within
 >  1
 second of each other,  the average speed is @ 30 secs.
 > What is going on
 here?  What is the bottleneck in the 100 thread process
 > that slows things down, and
 > is there any way to speed it up?
 > Thank you.

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