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From rxfillpharm <>
Subject Properties.. when they are read and used?
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2014 15:33:55 GMT
In my test , I have a user define variable named USERS, who's value is ${__property(nusers)}.

In the thread group, I set number of threads to USERS. 
In, I set nusers to 10.   

When I run Jmeter from the command line, the number of threads is correctly read from the file. 
I can also change nusers on the command line and it works fine. 

WHen I run the test from the gui, it runs with 50 users.   Jmeter does not appear to read
the value from 

1.  Where is it getting the 50 from?
2.  Should the property be read from the file?

Thank you.

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