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From Jeff Ohrstrom <>
Subject Re: Jmeter reporting
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2014 22:49:34 GMT
Also you could use a transaction controller as a parent element and
group all 3 transactions.  That way, in the csv file you have all 3
times grouped as 1 transaction.  Then you can compare that transaction
(the combination of all 3 subtransactions) across tests. 

It would look something like this:


That way every 'EntireUserTransaction' you see in the result file is the
user's experience.  Then you can do analysis on that transaction and not
have to worry about which thread made which transaction.

On Mon, 2014-08-25 at 21:00 +0000, Jim Brannan wrote:
> If you use the simple data writer and save the data to a csv file, you will see the data
can include the thread name, which will end in like 1-1, 1-2, 1-3...  The -1, -2, -3, etc
are the individual users.  So you can easily do a pivot summary with this.   I think someone
needs to write a save-to-sql listener!!!  For now I have a tear-down thread calling an EXE
that reads the saved data file and inserts the data (improved for reporting) into an SQL table.
 'Opportunity' with performance testing is that is makes a LOT of data.
> Jim 
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> From: rxfillpharm [] 
> Sent: Monday, August 25, 2014 12:50 PM
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> Subject: Jmeter reporting
> Hi Group, 
> I posted a question some days ago and guess it was not clear what I need. 
> New to performance testing and jmeter. I have a bunch of test plans that work fine. 
> My test logs on, runs a small query, then logs off. 
> That takes @ 5 seconds as per my manual test and the jmeter test. 
> When I increase threads (users) to 10, I want to know with all users running concurrently,

> how long each individual user takes to complete the test (log on, run query, log off).
>   There should not be that much of a different. 
> When I increase threads to 100, I should see a difference in the total time per users.

> Increase to 500 users, I should see the timer for each user take longer still. 
> Is there a listener in jmeter that can tell me that, ie time per user. I'm thinking one

> row of raw data for each thread.  I am not interested in the per http call speed.
> Thank you and I hope that my question is clear(er).
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