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From rxfillpharm <>
Subject JMETER Results Reporting - Speed per user
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2014 17:09:21 GMT

I have used the jmeter test recording proxy to capture a sequence on my web site, that simply
logs on and logs off.   This sequence includes several sampler (?) of http calls and other
gets (images, js, etc).

I want to know the average speed per each user. 

Using the "Aggregate Report", I get these results: 

1 users (threads) has 145 samples, and average is listed as 7ms.
10 users (threads) has 1450 samples, and average is listed as 12ms.
50 users (threads)  has 7250 samples, and average is listed as 44ms. 
100 users (threads) has 14500 samples, and average is listed as 77ms.

How can I get the the average speed per thread. I'm 
not exactly sure what speed jmeter is showing now. 
But  I would expect that the per thread speed would be relatively stable, particularly 
when the number of users does not increase by that much. 

Do you know what type of listener is needed for the values I need?

Thank you.

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