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From rxfillpharm <>
Subject Config Element:Counter based on Thread/User number?
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2014 21:06:10 GMT
New to JMETER , and have a question regarding Config Element->Counter.

In my thread group, my first element is a Counter.  I want to 
use this counter to construct a logon id, where logon ids are 
user0001, user0002, user0003 etc.  When loop count > 1, 
the logon id will be the same for each loop of that user.

I expected that Counter would always equal __threadNum, such that 
when __threadNum=2, Counter=2 as well.

Instead, Counter is being incremented with each run of the 
thread group. 

As a test, I created a user parameter: threadrun=${__threadNum}${__counter(true)}
The values when I run the test using Number of threads=2 and Loop Count=2 are:

     Counter = 0001
     threadrun = 11

     Counter = 0002
     threadrun = 21

     Counter = 0003  (I want this to be 0001)
     threadrun = 12  (correct!)

     Counter = 0004  (I want this to be 0002)
     threadrun = 22  (correct!)

1.  How can I get Counter to match thread number?
2. If that is not possible, how can I use __threadNum to construct my logon id.  
    __threadNum value is consistently correct, but it does not have the leading 
   zeros that I need. 

I hope my post is clear, and I thank you for help in advance.

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