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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Double quoted json data in CSV returns EOF
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2014 19:09:13 GMT
On 3 April 2014 19:58, Guy Knights <> wrote:
> I've set up an HTTP request element that pulls data from a CSV file and
> I've run into a frustrating problem. Each line of data in the CSV file
> represents the data for a user request, separated by a pipe character. See
> below for example:
> 1.0.3|facebook|100000964541055|null|2014-03-19
> 10:59:14|{'test':'test'}|MWQyNzQzZjc4Yjc0YmZhZDk5NjlmYzA2ZDlhY2Y2Mjg3NmVkOWM1OQ==

Those don't look like double quotes.
And the two lines have different numbers of entries.

> For the record, the JSON above is a very basic example I've been using to
> try and troubleshoot this issue - the actual data will be a much longer,
> more complex object.
> Anyway, we've found that if we include the double quotes in
> the JSON string, then when the request actually fires off and the data is
> populated from the CSV file, the JSON string is instead replaced by <EOF>.
> If we remove the double quotes or replace them with single quotes, then the
> JSON is pulled correctly, but this breaks something else since single
> quotes in JSON are not valid.
> I've tried escaping the double quotes using a backslash, and alternately by
> doubling up the double quotes, but neither appears to work. Does anyone
> have any suggestions for how we can make this work?

Please see:

for the syntax

> Thanks,
> Guy
> <>

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