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From RP Schell <>
Subject Certificates are switching on threads in the middle of a test run
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2014 17:58:38 GMT
Hey everyone,

We are attempting to simulate a large user load (thousands) on our
service using JMeter 2.11.  To facilitate this, we have created a JKS
keystore containing 4000 unique PKI certificates.  We have set the
appropriate options for and and added a Keystore Configuration
component with an alias start index of 0 and alias end index of 3999.
We verified that we can access the system as unique users using JMeter
with this set up.

We started seeing some strange results come back from the JMeter test
runs and determined that the errors returned by our web server were
due to the user certificate switching in the middle of a test run for
a given JMeter thread.  More specifically, we added a HTTP request
that gives back some indication of who we are logged in as at the end
of the test run loop.  It appears every thread in JMeter is switching
the user it is coming in as about every 5 loops of our test run.  This
occurs for each thread whether we set it to run with one or multiple

This causes problems for our testing as some HTTPS requests assume we
are still the same user and will deny access if the user switches
mid-way through the test run.  We verified that
https.sessioncontext.shared=false and
https.use.cached.ssl.context=true is set in the
file.  We did try other combinations of these two options w/o success.

We also tried setting the implementation for HTTP requests to
HTTPClient3.1 as well as HTTPClient4.  The behavior is the same.

Is this behavior intended by JMeter?  The only way I can prevent the
certificate from switching mid-test is to set the alias start and end
index to the same number in the Keystore Configuration component.  Of
course, this is not what we want as it locks all JMeter threads into
running as the exact same user and does not allow proper simulation of
a multi-user load.

Any insight into multi-user certificate loading in JMeter is much
appreciated.  Thanks!


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