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Subject How to control variable substitution in JMeter?
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2014 14:08:49 GMT
I have some user defined variables:

USER_COUNT           1
LOOP_COUNT           2

Then, I use a Recording Controller to capture my browser actions. Unfortunately, JMeter does
more variable substitution than I'd like it to. For example, it substitutes ${LOOP_COUNT}
into a web site name that contains "2", e.g., "/host${LOOP_COUNT}/somePage". My favorite example
of over-zealous variable substitution is my ${THE_${THE_HTTP_PROTOCOL}_PROTOCOL} Header Manager.

Is it possible to make the recording more selective about what variables can be used for substitution?
For example, of the variables I've listed, I'd really only like SERVER_NAME to be substituted

I'm using JMeter 2.11.

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