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From Sasikiran <>
Subject Verification Token
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2014 20:50:11 GMT


I am working on a test with the user action flow : A user opens the 
application, Logs in and then logs out

The following are the HTTP requests placed in sequence under a simple 
controller under a thread group.

GET Main Page.
GET Login Page
POST Login Page
GET Logout Page.
I also have a cookie manager setup. I am also extracting verification 
token from step 2 and passing it into step 3.

All the above setup is working fine for the following scenarios: 1 user, 
loop count 1. 1 user, loop count FOREVER.

However, when i run 2 user test with FOREVER option, the samples are 
fine most of the time but after a period of time i am noticing the POST 
login page step as failing due to request verification token not 
matching the cookie. It sometimes shows request verification token is 
not matching and it is inconsistent.

The failure seems to be appearing only on 10% of samples for Post login 
page and not for all the samples.

Could someone help me . if is there any reason why my server is throwing 
a verification token mismatch only few times(10% of the time) but not 


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