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From Marcelo Jara <>
Subject Issues with redirect URL
Date Sat, 18 Jan 2014 03:07:29 GMT
Is this a bug?
I am using the HTTP sampler during a test and sometimes get redirected. There are two separate
issues with these redirects which only exist when using HTTPClient3 and HTTPClient4.These
issues so not exist when using the Java implementation. 
Issue 1.The redirect URL has some characters URL encoded. So the one of the forward slashes
is changed to %2F. What happens with HTTPClient implementations is that JMeter converts %2F
back to a forward slash which causes the server to do another redirect. This errors out after
the default redirect limit has been reached (5). 
Issue 2.The request URL has some characters URL encoded. I guess the case is not correct.
For example %2f instead of %2F. The server issuesa redirect with the cases changed. However
Jmeter doesn't take the case sensitive changes and just plays basically the original request.
This also causes an infinite redirect. 

Again, both of these cases work with the Java implementations. 
Example #1
Step 1:
Step 2: This results in a redirect to:
that the forward slash after "Dunn" has been changed to %2F.
Step 3: Jmeter. Either converts changes %2F back to a slash or just disregards the change.
It goes to basically the original request :

Using the JAVA implementation, the %2F stays and page comes up. 

Example #2
Step 1:
Step 2: This results in a redirect to :
that %C3 and %B1 has been changed to %c3 and %b1 respectively. 
Step 3: Again, either Jmeter disregards the change or changes the case back to uppercase:

Using the JAVA implementation, the redirect keeps the lower case letters. 

Let me know if I am doing something wrong or if this is a bug. Thanks.

- Marcelo

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