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From RiqLightBringer <>
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2014 13:01:40 GMT
Hello everyone:

I'm new at this mailing list thing and finally got how to post correctly. 
My older post is deleted. I'm hoping not to annoy anyone with this re-post.

This is my story:

I'm trying to apply a test to an application over IIS 6.0.  I need
to log in, do a transaction, then log off.  A simple test.  I got some
problems working with some redirections in the loggin action, but managed to
overcome from it using manual scripting.  Then i needed to extract using
regular extractor for some hidden atributes or values, however i got this
problem that is denying me from seeing this values.  The page is obtained
with a simple GET method, i use most equal or equivalent headers than my
IE11 browser uses, but when IIS gives its response to jmeter, the headers
response indicates "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" and then the page is not
fully delivered and at the bottom of document there is this text "".  In the
other hand, with IE11 browser, the headers response indicates no transfer
encoding, fiddler shows that NO COMPRESSION is used, and the page is fully
downloaded, with the hidden values i need.

Headers and cookies are not my problem (i isolated raw request and the
results are the same, it depends of the application that launches the
request), something is happening inside IIS6.0 with jmeter request that is
not processed like a common browser.

Please, any directions?  My HTTP request on jmeter looks like this:

I'm not posting now the headers or the answers like i did at earlier post,
for not bringing too much info, but if needed in order to understand better
my problem, i'm glad to.

Thanks in advance, and hoping to get some help.  My best regards,

Enrique Guadalupe .- 
MSc Engineering

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