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From Sergio Boso <>
Subject Re: CSV file iteration in remote tests
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2013 22:28:11 GMT
Il 06/11/2013 23.20, Oliver Erlewein ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> I'm sure that this is a common problem for those using JMeter executions
> across several machines. Can't really find any solution to this. So here
> goes:
> I have a plan that looks something like this:
> Test Plan
>    |-- Thread Group
>           |--CSV Dataset
>           |--HTTP Sampler (login)
>           |--....
> If I remotely distribute this all remotes will 1st start with line one of
> the CSV file. In my case this will cause locking in the application,
> thereby destroying the test. Ideally I'd like to give the CSV file a random
> offset for each remote client, so that it would start iterating at various
> points in the CSV. This is not quite safe but should give me enough
> variance so that the chance of locking would be minimal.
The only way I have found to cope with this is to manually split the CSV file, and copy each
of these parts to each remote system, 
so that each system uses its own set of lines.

I'm looking forward to see if there is a better system



Ing. Sergio Boso

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